Why doesn’t the American public demand an iquiery into that missing 3 trillion that dick cheyny announced is missing ?? We want accountability NOW!!

Free MArket Democracy? Didn’t he mean free market republic?

@Greg London: Are you aware of a term called “inflation”? Because we are losing money due to inflation.

The only issue with that comparison is that SS isn’t set up like an insurance company in terms of incentives and budget/terms control. First off their service is forcibly coerced upon every member of our country, with no legal competition. Meaning they have little incentive to improve their service or reduce costs in any way (artificial demand). Second, insurance companies adjust their terms and rates based on actuarial research to prevent loss and also control their surplus, SS can’t do either

This will be the first time I’ve disagreed with Stossel but Paul Ryan’s budget won’t do diddly to reduce the deficit .

After the hockey stick incident I didn’t like graphs. But these were spot on. Dont turn America into Europe. With out a productive America to protect Europe and create 90% of the worlds innovation we will all suffer.

First of all Social Security was never meant to supply people with money to live on it was a SUPPLEMENT only! Secondly, the government has already looted it. That same government is now being asked to continue controlling YOUR money? This actually makes sense to some of you? Really? Those who have already paid during their working lifetime should continue to receive it but we need to wean ourselves from it after that.

@HoGraz Free markets? as in free trade? As in lack of government oversite? As in lack of trade barriers such as tarifs? how does that make sense? How does unfettered, unregulated markets have anything to do with war? go back to the leftest rock you crawled out from under. and Trillions requires more than 1. 1.5 doesn’t mean trillions. its 1.5 TRILLION. Learn 2 English.

SS and all other entitlements, even healthcare isn’t a ponzi scheme. If you know that the federal government can print money (it’s the issuer of it’s own currency and not an individual household) to infinity based on a percentage of GDP, they definitely will not let these entitlements go unfunded in the future. If you’re still skeptical about my comment, take a look at Japan. Look how much money they’ve printed as a percentage of GDP. We are nowhere near that yet.

Congress doesn’t want to raise taxes, but Americans want their entitlements and will protest any cuts. Yep, pretty much the whole system is going to collapse. Might as well ask the Federal Reserve to print more money since its the only option they have. In fact, they are already doing it

Government should have to pay employer payroll tax.

I like how they say “It’s not a ponzi scheme because everyone pays” uh… that doesn’t disqualify ponzi scheme lol

Politics doesn’t pay enough! :D Madoff had the right idea! The private sector! :D

Government does a really good job at making everything suck

The Government lied from the begining about Social Security. They called it insurance to sell it to American citizens. In reality it was a tax and you aren’t entitled to it. They admitted it in a case before the Supreme court. Of course they called it a insurance plan even after it.

@ballajd Yet he voted for the bailout. He makes it seem like he’s a true conservative, but one must look at his voting record before deciding that.

its paul ryans mate george spent a lot of our money wars

Every individual’s share of the total debt right now is $500,000.00, this moment… yes, all 308 million of US.

I just wont have children. Because what is the solution??? It is unfortunate that even the majority of the public will not vote the latter, but we should keep trying.