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“Build a Life don’t just live one” – Chris Ashton Kutcher

“They Meet, They Eat, They Seek”

Long Island Breakfast Club

Philotimo! Experience impacts the world beyond imagination.
Philotimo! Extends far beyond the words friend and honor.
The Long Island Breakfast Club Is About Philotimo!


“Philotimo Videos”

Philotimo! Experience impacts the world beyond imagination.
Philotimo! Extends far beyond the words friend and honor.
The Long Island Breakfast Club Is About Philotimo!


The Long Island Breakfast Club Welcomes you with Philotimo!

The Long Island Breakfast Club
IS High Energy of Philotimo,
Are You Ready,
Are You Ready,
Let’s Get It On !!!

The Long Island Breakfast Club invites once again individuals of all ages, male and female, to join its ranks and experience the camaraderie and bonding to help get through the interviewing cycle, mid-life.

The Co-founder of the Long Island Breakfast Club and Founder of the new Long Island Breakfast Club is now accepting new members.

_”Fired To Freedom”  (“Life After the Big Bad Boot.”)
_ Released in 2019 & ready for purchase.

Since 2006 now going into 2020 The Long Island Breakfast Club will continue to provide advocacy, support, career employment counseling, and referrals to prepare and speak to individuals for productive employment.
A group of diverse individuals trying to decrease age discrimination.

The organization’s membership consists of those who need the extra support to continue momentum in working on searching for jobs in the mid-life years.

As Founders_ 
“Although it is not uncommon for people to frequently change jobs,
it is a struggle for middle age seekers to gain employment.”  _ChrisFidis

It is the continuing goal of the organization to assist with providing referrals, companionship, business networking, contacts for interviewing and mentors for each individual’s success.

” They say in the end, all that really matters are the connections and relationships people share.”  _ChrisFidis

” Pick yourself up, Dust Yourself Off, And Just Re-Invent Yourself. ” _ChrisFidis

Looks allot like hard work.
You are no better than any job out there, be lucky to have a job.
Use it to get to the next.

Being Sexy_
The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart,
Be thoughtful,
Be generous.
Everything else is crap!

Living Life_
Build a Life don’t just live one.  _Chris Ashton Kutcher


Come for High Energy of Philotimo.  We can make this happen with our Long Island community!   The Long Island Breakfast Club works together to make the world a better place.  The LIBC goal is mentoring for each individual’s success in this uncertain time.
A self described socialpreneur network promoting development for midlife professionals.

We Meet, We Eat, We Seek, Re-invent, and Promote Philotimo. “Socialpreneurship” is a new valued addition. Meet new businesses to collaborate with and pass the karma & referrals.

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Valentina Janek, President/Founder,
Stephanie Carlino, Co-Founder/Vice President
Chris Fidis, Co-Founder / Webmaster / Information Technology,
Patricia Locurcio, Director of Communications,
Elise Negrin, Director of Operations,
JoAnn C. Fiorentino, Emeritus Posthumous Founder


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