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Mission Statement 2018
Philotimo !  Experience impacts the world beyond imagination

Philotimo (also spelled filotimo;
Greek: φιλότιμο) is a Greek noun translating to “love of honor”.
rray of virtues that encompasses honour, dignity and pride, the ideal actions and behaviours, hospitality, bonds, and responsibilities between each other

Mission Statement:  Experience Counts!

Collaborations such as the Long Island Breakfast Club are essential to continue success on Long Island.  The workforce situation on Long Island with regard to mid life individuals is simply unrealistic.  Companies need to partake in opening the doors to mid life individuals in the workplace.  This will help stop the age discrimination and will help to keep people here on Long Island.

Mission Statement:  

The Long Island Breakfast Club was founded in 2006, an organization providing advocacy, support, career and employment counseling, referrals and good old-fashioned laughter to prepare mature individuals for productive employment.  Counted among the membership are women and men who have recently been downsized and looking for support to continue positive reinforcement to gain employment back in the corporate world.  Membership is encouraged for any individuals who need the extra support to continue momentum in searching for jobs in the mid-life years. As stated by Founder Valentina Janek, “Although it is not uncommon for people who frequently change jobs, it is a struggle for middle age seekers to gain employment. “

The organizations strong proponents are to work with individuals who need the positive reinforcement to job search after losing a job in the mid-life years. It is the goal of the organization to assist with providing referrals, companionship, business networking and contacts for interviewing as well as mentors for each individual’s success.  The Club currently is servicing the communities of Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and was founded by four individuals who were seeking employment and experiencing much difficulty due to their wealth of experience and their age.As stated by Valentina Janek, “They say in the end, all that really matters are the connections and relationships people share.”  “When people come together simply due to similar circumstances, things happen.” 

Respectfully Submitted,     Board of Directors

Valentina Janek, Founder President

Stephanie Carlino,  Co-Founder VPresident

Chris Fidis,  Co-Founder / Webmaster

Patricia Locurcio, Director of Communictions

Elise Negrin, Director of Operations

JoAnn C. Fiorentino, Emeritus Posthumous Founder


(516) 314.8989


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