Chris Fidis Of SEO Business Solutions – December 1st 2017 Launch Of new paint boutique at

Chris Fidis Of SEO Business Solutions –


Announcing the launch of a new online e-commerce business Please visit this new start-up company with much excitement to follow. The CEO and founder will soon have a clothing and custom designed sneaker line. If you want to just paint your own sneakers with a glitter, pearl, neon, metallic, or standard color paints, call 516-308-2291 or visit us at .

We have a great selection of Angelus brand paints to chose from.

We also sell a line of cleaners and color dyes for leather and suede shoe products.

The launch date is December 1st 2017, see you all there.

The Long Island Breakfast Club will be seeking the help of artists and graphic design creative individuals to sell their expertise with the help of the LIBC.

Call us at 516.308.2291 and ask for CF.