Yes are one of the most innovative and successful rock bands of all time with a career that now spans five decades. In 2003 the band made their first appearance at the Montreux Festival.  A triumphant night regarded by both the band members and fans as probably the finest Yes gig.

When the world has you caught up in all that makes you wonder where is our global consciousness, think of and visualize GOD holding you in his hands surrounding you with
a warmth so heart felt through your soul and physical being.
When you feel such a feeling of love share it with others. Here I share with you this video.

Listen to it, hear it, feel it, imagine it, sense it, when you feel the warmth in your heart release it, to let others experience it around the globe. Help send this awakening to those
who need to awaken their souls to heal. GOD speaks to our hearts if you just invite this
spirit in, AMEN!